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Jimmy Reiter CDs

I have released four albums so far. They're available on CD and as downloads on Amazon, iTunes, etc.


(2021, CD / digital)

What You Need

What You Need

(2019, CD / LP / digital)

Told You So

Told You So

(2015, CD / digital)

High Priest Of Nothing

High Priest Of Nothing

(2011, CD / digital)


CDs with other artists

I am fortunate to be called by various friends and colleagues from time to time to play guitar on their recording projects. It's always great fun and I'm happy and proud to be a part of the following albums.

Dieter Kropp
Bis auf ..., aber sonst ...!

Kai Strauss
Live In Concert
(2019, CRS)

Christian Steiffen
Gott Of Schlager
(2019, It Sounds)

Various Artists
30 Years Blue Monday Blues Jam
(2016, Pogopop)

Christian Steiffen
Ferien vom Rock 'n Roll
(2016, Warner)

Jerimiah Marques
Down By The River
(2014, TreeHouse44)

Chad Strentz
(2014, TreeHouse44)

Kai Strauss
Electric Blues
(2014, CRS)

Fabian Fritz
Easy Rollin'

Tom Vieth
Playground Blues Jam
(2014, Groove Stew)

Werki & The Good Intentions
Looking Forward
(2014, Timezone)

The Walter Davis Project
The Walter Davis Project
(2013, Electro-Fi 3435)

Christian Steiffen
Arbeiter der Liebe
(2013, Warner)

Dede Priest
Kinky At The Root
(2011, Creeping Fig Records)

Tom Vieth
(2011, Groove Stew)

Big Daddy Wilson
Love Is The Key
(2009, Ruf Records)

Keith Dunn
(2009, DeeTone Records)

Doug Jay & The Blue Jays
Under The Radar
(2007, CrossCut Records CCD11094)

Albie Donnelly & John Kirkbride
Return Cargo

Los Reyes del K.O.
Hot Tin Roof
(2006, Hotsak)

Doug Jay & The Blue Jays
(2005, CrossCut Records CCD11094)

Blue Monday Jam
Anniversary Night
(2003, PogoPop)

Big Bones
So Low
(2002, Out Of Space)

Tommy Schneller
Blues For The Ladies
(2000, Out Of Space)

Tom Vieth
I'm Gonna Carry On And Sing The Blues
(1997, Out Of Space)

Pink Piano Allstars
Fool's Paradise


Various Artists
Anfürsich Weed Et Widder Laut
(2021, Torburg Charity Projekt)

Various Artists
Ohne uns wirds still in Osnabrück
(2021, Timezone)

Various Artists
Anfürsich es et Blues
(2020, Torburg Charity Projekt)

Various Artists
U.S. Rock - Back On Track
(2005, Darrow)